sermon series…GI Joe pt 2 the heart of a hero!

The heart of a hero…what’s in the heart of a hero?

The heart in biblical times was refereed to as the center of vital action…decisions, actions. the heart represents man himself and was considered to be the seat of his emotions, passions, and appetites!

1 samuel 14:1-17 Jonathon and his armor bearer take on a philistine outpost, and what you see in the story is nothing but pure heart. Jonathan’s heart is revealed in his words and his actions. Matthew 12:34 Out of the overflow of your heart your mouth will speak! the heart of a hero is willing to step out and act. Nothing will happen until you choose to act!

What’s in the heart of a hero?
1. No fear here! A hero will show up and show out! jonathons plan was to show himself to the enemy and see what happens. either way he was looking for a fight by showing out! So many believers are hiding when its time to show out! the word show here means to advertise, to reveal! we are challenging our students to step out and be seen this year!

2. Determination….a hero climbs up and over any every obstacle!
there will always be Obstacles…and the obstacles that students face are oh s familiar. we look at 3 obstacles and 2 answers…
Popularity…is it the popular thing to do?
Presentation…is it the cool thing to do?
Property…is it going to make a difference in my school?

the answer to these obstacles is simple…
What about the power of God! Ephesians 1:18 – 21
What about the promises of God! Mark 15:15-19

what’s in the heart of a hero?
3. Perseverance…The heart of a hero never gives up!
They started something they could not finish, but God could finish!

When you go to school this year…will you start something that only God can finish?

sermon series…GI Joe a real american hero!

This week we started a 3 week series getting our students ready for the new school year. Night one we focused on the Hero David when he took on the Giant Goliath. David was a the real deal Hero, even though he was a boy! You see, what our students school needs is not another athlete, not another musician and not another academic wonder…what their school needs is another hero! The heroes of today are sitting in youth churches all over America! They just need to step up to the challenge!

We are challenging our students to pray like never before for their school…nothing happens unless you pray! 4 truths about the story of David!
1. Goliath was big and David was small! Size is not an issue in a fight! What really matters is who has your back! David understood that The Lord was on his side and the Lord and him would conquer anything!

2. Goliath was well equipped to fight but David was more equipped! Goliath had all the latest and greatest in armor but it was not enough! David on the other hand was given Saul’s armor and he said ” i can’t use this i am not used to it” you can’t go into battle with someone else’s armor! our greatest weapon is prayer and we need to use it! you can’t win with someone else’s armor…Ephesians 6:10-17 say be strong and put on the whole armor of God! it does not say someone else’s armor! So, be armed and dangerous.

3. Goliath was all noise but no action! Goliath talked smack, but could not back up what he was saying! David on the other hand talked more smack and backed it up with action! I love the fact that a boy stands up to a Giant and opens his mouth no fear here!

4. Goliath was an obstacle…it only takes one to overcome! It only took ONE to kill the giant…the response is what’s amazing. The entire israelite army surged forward and chased the philistines! ONE person, one fight…one massive victory! It only takes one to change the face of a school! Who is gonna be the hero? Who is gonna be the one?

Few creative notes…a trip to the army navy store to dress up the stage and show movie clips from the trailer, we chopped up the part where they get the excelerator suits and used it for point 2 being well equipped!

Suddenly Season

Today I wrapped my faith around a challenging message! 2 chronicles 28 & 29. For 16 years ahaz ruled and led a nation away from God…in 8 short days his son saw the hand of God move in a quick way (kjv-suddenly). Hezekiah was 25 and the first month of his reign he opened the house of God, had it cleansed and brought the people back to God. If we open our lives to the presence of God he can and he will move on our behalf…in 8 days God moved! What are you willing to do to see God move? If the word says nothing is impossible for God, then let’s simply believe and receive all that He has instore for us! God I am ready for my suddenly season…nothing is holding you back from moving suddenly on our behalf!

Are you ready for a suddenly season? 8 days is a quick to e to undo 16 years of Mess!

when God speaks…

The one thing that I truly want to hear is the voice of God directing and leading my life and ministry. I believe that if more ministers had ears to hear what God was saying, then more people would hear what God is saying to their situation. I love it, when you know that you know that the Spirit of God has directed an idea, concept or even a direction for preaching. Each year we pray for direction for our annual foreign missions trip and God continues to lead us to great places of ministry. These past 2 weeks I have been planning the direction for the next series of messages we will preach to our students. I am now more than ever more determined for our students to experience God and walk in his power. I need to know the direction He wants to take us in preaching. This weekend he spoke and it was so clear and so evident as to where we would go with the next series. Today i was praying in our daily staff prayer time…and i felt good about where we were headed, and then came confirmation. i got an email out of nowhere from a person i have never talked to about an appointment to talk to someone i admire on the day i star this series. i called and misread the email and thought it was a week earlier and i was not going to be able to make the call due to speaking at a high school FCA meeting. But, read the email wrong and when I called I confirmed the time to call back next week. The interesting thing is this…after I hung up I was prompted that this was what I needed to confirm the direction for the next series. It was so simple…the title of the series and the ministry I would talk to are one and the same…coincidence….nah! When God speaks, I want to listen.

He who has ears to hear…let him hear!

experience is necessary!

our new series is all about experience. the basis thought tonight was if you don’t experience the power of God in a real way, then who will miss out on knowing Christ? tonight we took a look at the cripple man that sat at the gate beautiful begging for alms…peter and john came by and said “look at us” he in turn gave them his attention and listened to them. whatever you give your attention to, whatever you choose to listen to, that’s what will define your experience! the world we live in is looking for something real. if we don;t experience the power of God will they? Peter and John were dragged before the religious leaders of their day because they did something kind when the cripple man was healed. The leaders took note that they had been with Jesus! When you choose to be with Jesus, people will see and experience him in your life. The world around us is simply waiting for us to experience him so that they can have a real life changing experience.

Experience is necessary!

great series we are in…i am loving what God is doing in our students!

i will go anywhere but back!

today i heard an amazing message on the life of ruth and the decision she made to never go back to moab, but to cling to naomi and go forward! i was so moved by the message to never go back. it’s too easy to throw in the towel and give up and give in and go back to your old life! when Ruth went forward God led her to the right field where she found the eyes of grace fro the right man and hope was found in the right place. if we would simply work in the right field (the field of grace) we will find favor (handfuls on purpose) and provision that comes only from God! make up your mind to never go back but to go forward and walk in the grace and the knowledge of Christ. Great word…wish you were there!